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About Us

Through our gaming platform, Woot!oop, and our unique business model, we offer an enriching and financially rewarding business opportunity designed to help you make money and solve community issues simultaneously.

As much as we believe in social entrepreneurship, we're also incredibly passionate about gaming. Specifically, we're passionate about giving amateur gamers the break they've been hoping for. Woot!oop provides players with the opportunity to enhance their skills, increase their verifiable hours, take home prize money and maybe even one day make the pros. We know that going from being a casual gamer to a professional gamer is a difficult road, but we've founded EACL and Woot!oop with the intention of paving a clear path for gamers, no matter how new to the game they are.

Social Entrepreneurship

We here at EACL are a team of innovative, persistent and ambitious social entrepreneurs, who are passionate about making a difference. We truly want to be that change we wish to see in the world. One might ask how a gaming company like us plan on changing the world? And our answer would be…By pushing boundaries, embracing innovation and thinking right outside the proverbial "box".

We believe that every contribution to change, no matter how big or small, can make all the difference. But, we also believe in going big or going home. We've worked long and hard to invent a business model that pushes the envelope in the gaming industry and gives a lot of people the opportunity to make a little contribution, creating one massive, collective contribution. This, we hope, will truly make the difference.

At the same time, we're acutely aware that there are incredible non-profit organizations out there working extremely hard all year long to fundraise so that their community efforts can thrive. Often these fundraising methods are expensive and time consuming with very little reward. At EACL, we wanted to find a way to help these organizations generate significant funds without this excessive effort. Pooling our creative resources and business acumen, we've built an infrastructure that creates a source of funding for non-profit organizations with very little effort.

Our Mission

At EACL, we have developed a unique business model that focuses on bringing success and the most positive experiences to our gamers and investors, while also contributing as much as possible to the broader community. To achieve our ultimate goals and overall mission, we are focusing on three core quests, each with its own strategy and intended outcome.

Business Opportunity

The EACL WootLoop platform offers a viable business opportunity for investors in an industry that is growing exponentially. By tapping into an untouched part of this market – amateur gamers looking for a way to hit the big time – we're providing our business partners with an innovative way to make a lasting return on their investment.

With a platform designed to attract and retain eager gamers and a social entrepreneurship strategy that gives back to the community, our holistic business model offers an opportunity you won't want to miss.

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